Packet Construction Set
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pcs Add a method to get a field by name from a packet Aug 14, 2017
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tests Updates to icmpv6 May 28, 2016
CONTRIBUTORS Add new contributor, John Batty. Nov 10, 2010
INSTALL Add my version of Doug Song's Python pcap library to the package for Mar 22, 2007 Update and for 0.7 release. Mar 4, 2011
Makefile Move PTPv1 packet to v1 specific files. PTPv1 is rarely used now Sep 5, 2012
README.rst Move README to restructured formatting. May 27, 2016
TODO First major import from Bruce Simpson (bms) Apr 23, 2008


Packet Construction Set

PCS is a set of Python modules and objects that make building network protocol code easier for the protocol developer. The core of the system is the pcs module itself which provides the necessary functionality to create classes that implement packets.