Processing app to create an SVG based on the brightness of an image transformed into sine waves.
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SquiggleDraw will create a SVG file from an image, using the brightness to change the amplitude of sine waves. It is easier to look at the examples below to better understand. :-)

You can use the saved SVG file to print from Inkscape/AI/etc, draw with a pen on a pen plotter (like the awesome AxiDraw), or engrave with a lasercutter (it looks cool!)

This is code for Processing (

Additional dependency: Download and install controlP5 in your processing libraries directory. ( )


  • Simple UI to load/save images, adjust parameters related to the sine waves, and basic image adjustements
  • Saved SVG is larger than original image for detail

Example output: SquiggleDraw Example Output

SquiggleDraw UI: SquiggleDraw UI