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Vue.js hCaptcha Component Library

hCaptcha Component Library for Vue.js. Compatible with Vue 2 and 3.


You can install this library via npm with:

  • vue2: npm install @hcaptcha/vue-hcaptcha --save
  • vue3: npm install @hcaptcha/vue3-hcaptcha --save

or via yarn:

  • vue2: yarn add @hcaptcha/vue-hcaptcha
  • vue3: yarn add @hcaptcha/vue3-hcaptcha

or via script tag (Vue must be globally available)

  • vue2
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>
  • vue3
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>

Basic Usage

  • vue2:

        <vue-hcaptcha sitekey="**Your sitekey here**"></vue-hcaptcha>
      import VueHcaptcha from '@hcaptcha/vue-hcaptcha';
      export default {
        components: { VueHcaptcha }
  • vue3:

        <vue-hcaptcha sitekey="**Your sitekey here**"></vue-hcaptcha>
    <script setup>
      import VueHcaptcha from '@hcaptcha/vue3-hcaptcha';

The component will automatically load the hCaptcha API library and append it to the root component.



Name Values/Type Required Default Description
sitekey String Yes - Your sitekey. Please visit hCaptcha and sign up to get a sitekey.
size String (normal, compact, invisible) No normal This specifies the "size" of the checkbox. hCaptcha allows you to decide how big the component will appear on render. Defaults to normal.
theme String (light, dark) No light hCaptcha supports both a light and dark theme. If no theme is set, the API will default to light.
tabindex Integer No 0 Set the tabindex of the widget and popup. When appropriate, this can make navigation of your site more intuitive.
language String (ISO 639-2 code) No auto hCaptcha auto-detects language via the user's browser. This overrides that to set a default UI language.
reCaptchaCompat Boolean No true Disable drop-in replacement for reCAPTCHA with false to prevent hCaptcha from injecting into window.grecaptcha.
challengeContainer String No - A custom element ID to render the hCaptcha challenge.
rqdata String No - See Enterprise docs.
sentry Boolean No - See Enterprise docs.
apiEndpoint String No - See Enterprise docs.
endpoint String No - See Enterprise docs.
reportapi String No - See Enterprise docs.
assethost String No - See Enterprise docs.
imghost String No - See Enterprise docs.

Callback Events

Event Params Description
error err When an error occurs. Component will reset immediately after an error.
verify token, eKey When challenge is completed. The token and an eKey are passed along.
expired - When the current token expires.
challengeExpired - When the unfinished challenge expires.
opened - When the challenge is opened.
closed - When the challenge is closed.
reset - When the challenge is reset.
rendered - When the challenge is rendered.
executed - When the challenge is executed.


Method Description
execute() Programmatically trigger a challenge request
reset() Reset the current challenge


How can I get a sitekey?

Sign up at hCaptcha to get your sitekey. Check documentation for more information.

What is hCaptcha?

hCaptcha is a drop-in replacement for reCAPTCHA that earns websites money and helps companies get their data labeled.

Are features like bot scores and No-CAPTCHA/passive mode also available?

Yes, in the enterprise version: see hCaptcha Enterprise (BotStop) for details.



To run the demo:

  1. clone this repo git clone
  2. cd examples/traditional-vue2
  3. yarn && yarn serve
    • it will start the demo app on localhost:8080
    • open your console to see the demo app emitting events


TypeScript is supported (types/index.d.ts), and you can see an example by running npm run serve:ts.

Notes for developers


  • yarn lint - will check for lint issues
  • yarn test - will test both vue2 and vue3 packages
  • yarn build - will build the production vue2,3 versions

Notes for maintainers


To publish a new version, follow the next steps:

  1. Bump the version of the updated package: vue2/package.json or vue3/package.json
  2. Push changes to master.

Contributing + Notable Contributors

vue-hcaptcha is developed and maintained through the collective efforts of the hCaptcha community.

This includes developers like you! We welcome your issues, suggestions, and PRs.

Notable contributors for larger changes:

  • Vue2 support: hCaptcha team
  • Vue3 support: JDinABox and DSergiu