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Hack4Reno 2011

This is the Wiki for the Hack4Reno 2011 event.

We're using this repo and the Wiki to manage information and Issues to manage ourselves.

Hackathon 2011

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Hack4Reno will

  • demonstrate the value of Open Data and Open Government
  • serve as a model of engagement and participation for other Nevada cities
  • foster an open, expansive local government that listens to its people and their needs
  • connect people and their government through a shared purpose
  • take Reno one step further down the road to a smarter city and populace
  • empower citizens to help the city work better
  • give citizens tools and information to understand the larger context in which they live
  • show that Reno is full of talented, creative people that love their city
  • allow people to use their skills for civic good
  • spark innovation and new business startups
  • redefine hacking as a constructive term with a beneficial outcome