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hackaburg website

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Hackaburg is a hackathon in Regensburg. This is the code of our website. Have fun!


To install the dependencies, simply run:

$ yarn install


You can take a look at the package.json scripts section to get an overview of available shorthands:

  • build the website: yarn build
  • start a livereload dev server: yarn start
  • clean the built project: yarn clean

The websites of previous years are automatically built and put into their respective subfolder, e.g. the 2018 page will be located in /2018/. To automate this, the latest commit of a year's page needs to be tagged with hb-year, e.g. hb-2019 for the year 2019.


There are a few things to keep in mind when contributing:

  • We're using Prettier, so make sure to either format your code using yarn prettier --write, or by installing an extension for your editor to auto-format everything.
  • We're using Gatsby because of it's static rendering. Keep in mind that your components should work without a browser environment, i.e. that you're not relying on window to render a component.
  • Use function components over class components, extract static GraphQL queries into Hooks where possible.
  • If you need a third party library, use a CDN. We care about caching, and using a link to a CDN is better than serving a vendor bundle ourselves. To ensure you only call the third party library once it's loaded, use the useCDNScript hook.
  • Try to do as much without JavaScript as possible, as some attendands still use Noscript (or similar). When visiting our site, the navbar works when a user has JavaScript turned off, however a dynamic countdown doesn't need to work. Rather upgrade gracefully than downgrading the user experience.


The code in this project is released under the MIT license.