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leerob commented Jul 9, 2021

Describe the feature you'd like to request

These are common issues developers run into with Next.js. Some are mentioned in the docs, but ideally you don't have to go check the docs.

Describe the solution you'd like

Instead, ESLint can provide compile-time feedback and suggestions.

  • Trying to call an API route from inside getStaticProps / getServerSideProps leading to [next build
martinjagodic commented Jul 19, 2021

Describe the bug
If a field inside a collapsed object fires a validation error, the entry will not be saved. This is the correct behavior, but the problem is, that there is no indication of where the error occurs.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior. For example:

  1. Create an object field and add collapsed: true
  2. Add a required sub-field
  3. Leave the sub-field empty a
Keats commented May 23, 2021

The main issue is that it's painful to get a real library loaded without just creating some files and commit them. Ideally there would be a function/macro that can be used to create pages/sections.
The other files in the library component create whatever is needed manually but it makes tests very verbose/long where 90% of the test is actually setup.
The really needs some more tes


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