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Aug 13, 2022
Aug 13, 2022

Assemble ~ 5th August to 7th August

πŸ’» Website | πŸ—ƒ Planning Documents | πŸ’΅ Finances | πŸ’» Associated Repos | β˜€οΈ In Years Past

Hey! Thanks for checking out hackclub/assemble 😁. This repository is a work-in-progress as we wrap up our work on Assemble. As we develop the repository, we'd love your support through issues & pull requests. Specifically, we'd love to hear from high schoolers about what information you'd like to see included in the repository!

Many Hack Clubbers in 2022 had heard about great IRL hackathons, but very few had been to one. They vanished when the pandemic hit, and went missing as the world emerged from the pandemic. Our 2022 summer project was to kick off a hackathon renaissance, together with Hack Clubbers.

To do this, we hosted the first high-school hackathon in San Francisco since the pandemic began, open sourced the entire event (here!) & launched a series of supports for high school hackathon organisers based on our experience.

πŸ“ Assembling Assemble

The majority of work on Assemble was done in a month, from July 5th to August 5th. Every week of that month, @sampoder wrote a journal update on the Assemble organising process. Together they tell the story of how Assemble went from an idea to an event for 150+ hackers.

πŸ’΅ Finances

The finances for Assemble are open sourced here through Hack Club Bank's transparency mode.

πŸ“„ Planning Documents

Collating these is a WIP, check out /planning!

πŸ’» Associated Repositories

β˜€οΈ In Years Past

We've previously ran other summer projects:

Year Project Description
2022 Assemble This repo!
2021 The Hacker Zephyr A cross-country hackathon on a train! (repo) (finances)
2020 Summer of Making $50k in hardware donations to teen hackers around the world + the creation of Scrapbook (code)
2019 Flagship Summit IRL meetup of high school hackathon organizers and coding club leaders (photos)
2018 Hack Club Bank We built and launched the first version of Hack Club Bank (read the 1st and 2nd announcement)
2016 Hack Camp Summer camp / further writing & testing workshops
2015 Hack Camp Summer camp / testbed for Hack Club's first workshops (content)(code)


🌁 Assemble: the first high school hackathon in San Francisco since the pandemic! This repo: all of our planning documents, finances, and code open sourced.



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