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Hack Club

We are the movement of teenagers building the things we want to see in the world.

Welcome! You’ve stumbled across Hack Club

Hack Club is a global, nonprofit network of high school makers & student-led coding clubs. Read more here.


  1. hackclub Public

    🏫 Hack Club is a nonprofit network of computer science clubs where members learn to code through tinkering and building projects

    JavaScript 2.2k 491

  2. dinosaurs Public

    🦕 A collection of Orpheus (Hack Club's mascot) drawings!

    376 60

  3. hackathons Public

    💥 Open source directory of free student-led high school hackathons used by thousands of students worldwide

    JavaScript 121 17

  4. site Public

    The new, new Hack Club website. Built with Next.js & Theme UI.

    JavaScript 90 48

  5. scrapbook Public

    A daily streak system & portfolio for your projects. Start your own via Slack!

    JavaScript 117 28

  6. A collection of super awesome projects made by Hack Clubbers

    Markdown 57 9