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Hack Club’s iconset, a superset of spectrum-icons
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Hack Club’s icons are a superset of Spectrum’s incredible collection (also published as spectrum-icons). Designed for use with our Design System.

See them all


npm i @hackclub/icons
import React from 'react'
import Icon from '@hackclub/icons'

export default () => (
  <div style={{ color: 'hotpink' }}>
    <Icon glyph="challenge" size={128} />
    <Icon glyph="event-code" size={64} />
    <Icon glyph="important" size={32} />

Development Setup

  1. Clone & enter the repo.
$ git clone
$ cd icons
  1. Install dependencies.
$ npm install
  1. Setup docs (optional, do this if you’ve added icons).
npm run prepare
npm run docs
  1. Run locally.
npm run dev
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