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Convenience utils for Ruby
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HTK for Ruby

A set of convenience utils for Ruby. A loosely inspired, not-quite-close-to-feature parity port of pyhtk-lite.


  1. Debug via Slack using ::Htk::Utils.slack_debug('some debugging message'). The best of println debugging, without the inconvenience of visually fishing for one message out of thousands of log lines.

How to Use This Awesome?

  1. Clone this repository into a directory named htk (preferred) or htk_lite
    SSH: git clone htk
    HTTPS: git clone
  2. (Optional) Create a symlink to htk inside of your app's lib/ directory.
  3. Create local_settings.rb and add your Slack incoming webhook URL to SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL.
  4. In your code, simply do:
    ::Htk::Utils.slack_debug('This is seriously awesome!')
    ::Htk::Utils.slack_debug('Yeah, no kidding.')
  5. Check your Slack to verify that the message was posted. If not, perhaps your token was wrong, or the Slack integration was disabled. image
    (Alternative link to screenshot above:
  6. Profit!

Tips on Location of HTK Module

  1. You can place it outside of your app directory tree, and then symlink it inside.
  2. To not be nagged by the presence of the htk directory whenever you do git status, add htk to your .git/info/exclude file (like .gitignore, but only in your local repository, not checked in).

Authors and Maintainers

Hacktoolkit and Jonathan Tsai


MIT. See

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