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React Lazy Hydration

Lazy Hydration for Server Rendered React Components


npm i react-lazy-hydration


yarn add react-lazy-hydration


import React from "react";
import LazyHydrate from "react-lazy-hydration";

function App() {
  return (
      {/* Skip Hydrating  */}
      <LazyHydrate ssrOnly>
      {/* Requires IntersectionObserver. Polyfill not included. */}
      <LazyHydrate whenVisible>
      {/* Requires requestIdleCallback. Polyfill not included. */}
      <LazyHydrate whenIdle>
      {/* Hydrate on any of the following events */}
      <LazyHydrate on="click" /*OR on={["click","mouseenter",...]} */>


Based on this comment

and heavily adapted from Lazy hydration for Vue SSR


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