A Ruby tool to synchronize configuration between IRC clients
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Tired of having to set up your IRC networks, channels, nicknames etc again whenever you switch an IRC client? Introducing:


LurkAgain aims to make it easy to synchronize IRC client configuration, including:

  • networks and servers
  • auto-joined channels
  • nicknames and NickServ passwords

The plan is to have a module for each supported IRC client which can extract the client's configuration into a common model, or edit its configuration to reflect a model. Then the program can coordinate the modules to perform operations such as merging and listing of client configurations.

Current Features

Currently the development has just begun, and the only things working now are parsers for ChatZilla's network/server list and preference file, as well as code to locate ChatZilla's default profile.


The project requires Ruby and the gems iniparse, and treetop. To run the test suite you need to install rake, cucumber, rspec, and fakefs, and run rake cucumber.


Yaohan Chen (hagabaka) yaohan.chen@gmail.com

The source code includes a copy of Mauricio Fernandez's initialized-class.rb, since it is not released as a gem.