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The tool that builds HaikuPorts recipes.


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The HaikuPorter tool is provided to ease the fetching, patching and building of source code. It can be compared to a slim version of Gentoo Portage. Each port contains the Haiku specific patches to the original source code. It fetches the original source code, applies the Haiku-specific patches, builds the software, and packages it.

Detailed information available on the wiki.

Quick start

Single Machine (Haiku)

A single machine installation is for building individual packages.

Installation (Haiku)

HaikuPorts installation can be done via the following command sequence:

 $ git clone
 $ git clone --depth=10
 $ cd haikuporter
 $ cp haikuports-sample.conf /boot/home/config/settings/haikuports.conf # Copy the config file
 $ lpe ~/config/settings/haikuports.conf # and edit it

Build port

  • ./haikuporter mesa -j4

Build port and all outdated dependency ports

  • ./haikuporter mesa --all-dependencies -j4

Multi-node cluster (Linux + Haiku)

A multi-node cluster is for mass building large numbers of packages.

Running buildmaster in a container with docker

  • docker pull
  • mkdir ~/buildmaster.x86
  • docker run -v ~/buildmaster.x86:/data -it -e ARCH=x86
  • Provision builders
    • createbuilder -n test01 -H
    • copy generated public key to builder
    • builderctl health
  • exit
  • Copy the packages from a nightly to ports/packages on the buildmaster
  • docker run -v ~/buildmaster.x86:/data -it -e ARCH=x86
  • buildmaster everything

buildmaster.x86 will persist between build runs. Feel free to exit, update, or erase the container without losing your work.

Manually Deploy buildmaster (Linux)

  • Install requirements
    • pip install paramiko or dnf install python-paramiko
    • buildtools dependencies: autoconf, flex, bison, texinfo, zlib-devel
    • Haiku host tools dependencies: libstdc++-static, libcurl-devel
  • Bootstrap the buildmaster instance
    • git clone
    • ./haikuporter/buildmaster/bin/ ...
  • Configure your builders within instance ports tree with createbuilder
    • cd buildmaster_<arch>/haikuports
    • example: ../haikuporter/buildmaster/bin/createbuilder -n mybuilder01 -H
  • Validate and provision your builders
    • ../haikuporter/buildmaster/bin/builderctl health
    • ../haikuporter/buildmaster/bin/builderctl provision
  • ../haikuporter/buildmaster/bin/buildmaster everything

Deploy buildslave (Haiku)

  • Checkout Haikuporter and Haikuports, matching the paths specified in createbuilder on buildmaster side
  • Add the public key from the buildmaster to authorized_keys
  • useradd sshd ; ssh-keygen -A
  • Enable PermitRootLogin in /system/settings/ssh/sshd_config and make sure the path to the sftp server is correct
  • install xz_utils_x86, lzip_x86 (required for extracting packages), patch, dos2unix (required for PATCH() function in some packages)