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A logging system based on mysql for logging structured messages.

High performance, self defined fields, auto deployment, auto creation and updates of table structure, auto table switching and auto generation of C API.



Logdb is usually deployed in following directory structure:

|   |---logdb
|   |---loginf
|   |---default.ini
|   |---check_alive.sh.template
|   |---load_fail_log.sh

Make sure to run only one instance of logdb from one directory. If you need more instances of logdb on the same machine, use different directories.


  1. clone the github source files.
  2. cd the src directory
  3. make and make install
  4. edit the default.ini in ./conf/ directory
  5. cd the ./ path, and ./manage.sh deploy
  6. done.


Before make, please make sure libmysqlclient is installed.