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@hakimel hakimel released this Apr 19, 2016 · 551 commits to master since this release


  • New default HTML files:
    index.html – barebones presentation suitable to add your own content into
    demo.html – example presentation where many reveal.js features are demonstrated
  • Add Reveal.shuffle() for randomizing slide order, also available through config Reveal.initialize({ shuffle: true }) (#1506)
  • Add data-background-video-muted for muting background video (#1360 by @oslego)
  • Add autoSlideMethod config option for controlling how auto-slide navigates. For example, for backwards navigation you can use Reveal.configure({ autoSlideMethod: Reveal.navigatePrev }) (#1437 by @der-michik)
  • Add four new fragment styles: fade-up, fade-down, fade-right and fade-left (#1445 by @kewitz)
  • Add the grunt-cli as a dependency instead of assuming global Grunt (#1473 by @vicapow)
  • Add Reveal.VERSION (#1451 by @SethosII)
  • Add table of contents to README (#1545 by @ducin)
  • Multiplexing is compatible with now, deployment is as easy as now plugin/multiplex
  • The notes plugin no longer syncs changes to the overview mode
  • 2x auto-slide controls for HDPI displays
  • Remove unused dependencies (#1521 by @demoneaux)
  • Update highlight.js to 9.0.0
  • Update head.js to 1.0.3

Bug fixes:

  • Fix issues with how presentations were scaled up in Safari and Edge
  • Fix issue where background videos did not play on the first slide (#1376 by @alexbatista)
  • Fix issue with formatting of Markdown notes (#1405 by @jetzhliu)
  • Fix error where parallax backgrounds did not work in a presentation with only vertical slides (#1434 by @mikemellor11)
  • Fix error when using speaker notes on a presentation with a query string in the URL (#1522 by @demoneaux)
  • Fix watching of Markdown files for livereload (#1553 by @0xR)
  • Fix broken overview when reveal.js is configured with percentage based width/height (#1247)
  • Remove extra border in some table configurations (by @flying-sheep)

And more...

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