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Mathematical Mesh

The Mesh is an infrastructure that makes the Internet easier to use by making it more secure.

Bad security design doesn't just create insecurity, it causes endless user headaches. Traditional Internet security applications are hard to use because little to no thought was given to usability in their design.

Carl Ellison's law states that the user base for any application is halved for every mouse click or keystroke that is required of them. My personal experience suggest that this likely understates the problem.

The Mesh is designed to provide users with the highest level of security that is possible without asking them to do anything at all. For this to become possible, the Mesh will have to be shipped to users as part of the machine Operating System.

Mathematical Mesh Reference Library

The Reference Library is an Open Source (MIT License) library implementing the Mesh protocols and encodings. It is also the source from which the reference sections of the Mesh specifications are generated and the code used to generate all the examples.

The reference library has three main goals:

  • To serve as a vehicle for documenting and developing the Mesh specifications.

  • To be used in applications to enable use of Mesh capabilities

  • To serve as a benchmark against which the standards compliance of other implementations may be tested.

Meshman Shell Tool

meshman is a shell tool that exposes most Mesh functionality in a form that is compatible with most scripting environments.

Detailed documentation of meshman is given in the User Guide and Reference Manual:

User Guide

Reference Manual



The Mesh is an infrastructure that makes the Internet easier to use by making it more secure.





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