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ESP32 LoLin32 Lite Shield for RFM95 or RN2483 LoRa Modules
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ESP32 LoLin32 Lora Shield for RFM95 or RN2483

LoraNode32 in 2 versions with LoLin32

This shield is used to hold LoRa modules such as HopeRF RFM95 or Mictrochip RN2483 with WeMos ESP32 LoLin32 boards it has the followong features:

  • I2C Pullups placement
  • Classic I2C connector with SCL/SDA and 3V3/GND reversable pin by solder pad
  • Groove I2C connector
  • Footprint for RFM95/96/98 or RN2483/RN2903 Lora module
  • Footprint for choosing single Wire, SMA or u-FL Antenna type
  • 1 x WS2812B Type LED for visual indication
  • 1 x Push Button
  • Added footprint for Microchip 24AA02E64 64 bits serial number (DEVEUI)

Take care that WeMos changed Lolin32 format, you need to choose V1.0.0 that you can find on ebay, banggood or aliexpress. Wemos does net seem to produce this board anymore. They're Back here. They do now Provide WeMos Lolin32 Pro or Lolin32 Lite

So be sure to order board in the center of the picture above

You can also check the shield for the Lolin32 Lite version.

Detailed Description

Look at the schematics for more informations.

SPI connexion is classic (MOSI/MISO/CLK),

Other pins that may need be adapted into code (for example if you use TTN network gateway code) according to the following pinout

Lolin32      RFM9x Module
  IO5   <----> SEL 
  IO19  <----> MISO
  IO23  <----> MOSI
  IO18  <----> CLK
  IO27  <----> DIO0
  IO26  <----> DIO1
  IO4   <----> DIO2
  IO25  <----> RST
  IO35  <----> DIO5

Lolin32      RN2xx3 Module
  IO4   <----> RESET
  IO25  <----> RX
  IO35  <----> TX

Lolin32      Shield Feature
  IO22  <----> I2C SCL
  IO21  <----> I2C SDA
  IO13  <----> WS2812 LEDS
  IO15  <----> Push Button

Do not forget to join (solder) the correct LoRa antenna trace depending on module you place (RFM95 or RN2483), see picture below.

Antenna Solder Pad

And as classic advice, connect the LoRa antenna before powering the board to avoid any damage to LoRa module



There is no firmware available, but you can have a large demo of features and a full working LoRa node (with RFM95) with this excellent ESP32-Paxcounter software, it's a must see.


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You can order the PCB of this board at give me some reward when you order my designed boards from their site. This is pretty good, because I can use these rewards to create and design new boards and order them for free, so if you don't care about PCB manufacturer please use

Assembled boards (V1.0)

With RFM95

LoraNode32 with RFM95

With RN2483

LoraNode32 with RN2483


Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License
If you want to do commercial stuff with this project, please contact CH2i company so we can organize an simple agreement.


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