Java (and original) version of Hamcrest
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tumbarumba Build separate jars for core, library, and all. (#228)
This is done by converting to a multi-project gradle build, with
subprojects for `hamcrest-core.jar` and `hamcrest-library.jar`. The
root project is responsible for combining all the individual jars
into `hamcrest-all.jar`, as well as configuring the publishing.
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Java Hamcrest

Licensed under BSD License.

What is Hamcrest?

Hamcrest is a library of matchers, which can be combined in to create flexible expressions of intent in tests. They've also been used for other purposes.


You can obtain Hamcrest binaries from maven central.


For Hamcrest extension projects see the hamcrest extensions page.


Documentation can be found on the Hamcrest site.

Reporting Bugs/Issues

If you find an issue with Java Hamcrest, please report it via the GitHub issue tracker, after first checking that it hasn't been raised already.


To build, please read BUILDING.txt



  • Joe Walnes
  • Nat Pryce
  • Steve Freeman


  • Robert Chatley
  • Tom White
  • Neil Dunn
  • Dan North
  • Magne Rasmussen
  • David Saff
  • Tom Denley

Also, thanks to everyone who has worked on DynaMock, nMock, jMock, EasyMock and MiniMock! These libraries inspired Hamcrest.