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TLS tunnel -- a TLS reverse proxy

Who needs a stunnel if you have a tls tunnel?

tlstunnel is picky; it won't accept connections:

  • which do not contain the secure renegotiation extension
  • which speak SSL version 3
  • if the given certificate chain is not valid (or contains an X.509 version 1 certificate, or less than 1024 bits RSA public key

Deprecated in favour of the MirageOS unikernel.


Build Status

You first need OCaml (at least 4.02.0) and OPAM (at least 1.2.2) from your distribution.

Run opam install tlstunnel after opam init finished.


A sample command line is:

tlstunnel -b -f 4433 -cert server.pem

which listens on TCP port 4433 with the given certificate chain and private key (both in server.pem), and forwards connections to on port 8080.

An optional argument is -l FILE to log into a file instead of to stdout. Try --help for all command line arguments.