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Python 3 API for USPS Informed Delivery, a way to track packages and mail.



Sign up for Informed Delivery and verify your address.


Install Google Chrome and Chromedriver. These are dependencies for the Selenium webdriver, which is used internally to this module to facilitate the login process.

Instructions (adapt as necessary for your OS):

Note that installing Selenium Server is not required.


pip install myusps


import myusps

# Establish a session.
# Use the login credentials you use to login to My USPS via the web.
# A login failure raises a `USPSError`.
session = myusps.get_session("username", "password")

# Get your profile information as a dict. Includes name, address, phone, etc.
profile = myusps.get_profile(session)

# Get all packages that My UPS knows about.
packages = myusps.get_packages(session)

# Get mail delivered on a given day.
import datetime
mail = myusps.get_mail(session,


Session cookies are cached by default in ./usps_cookies.pickle and will be used if available instead of logging in. If the cookies expire, a new session will be established automatically.

HTTP requests are cached by default in ./usps_cache.sqlite. HTTP caching defaults to 5 minutes and can be turned off by passing cache=False to get_session. The cache expiry can be adjusted with the keyword argument cache_expiry.





make release


Contributions are welcome. Please submit a PR that passes tox.


Not affiliated with USPS. Does not use USPS Web Tools API. Use at your own risk.

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