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JavaScript 17 6


Useful Plugins for the wonderful MediaElement.js

Updated Dec 3, 2013


forked from michael/ken-rb

A Ruby API for accessing Freebase. It wraps the Metaweb Architecture to smart Ruby Objects.

Updated May 14, 2013


forked from kpumuk/meta-tags

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plugin for Ruby on Rails applications.

Updated Mar 20, 2013


forked from feedjira/feedjira

A feed fetching and parsing library that treats the internet like Godzilla treats Japan: it dominates and eats all.

Updated Feb 28, 2013

Ruby 0 5


forked from wishpot/pivotal-tracker-reports

Additional Reports for Pivotal Tracker

Updated Jan 9, 2013

Ruby 3 2


Official Ruby Gem to access the Hark API

Updated Jan 23, 2012

CoffeeScript 1 0


Hubot Scripts from

Updated Oct 27, 2011


forked from wesmaldonado/request-log-analyzer

A command line tool that analyzes request logfiles (e.g. Rails, Apache, MySQL, Delayed::Job) to produce a performance report.

Updated Aug 3, 2011

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