hybrid-hack for graphics cards without a display: so far dumps a root window from one X-display into a window of another X-display.
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Florian Berger

dumps the root window of an x-display into another window on another
x-display. so you can work on a hybrid graphics card (e.g. nvidia optimus) 
which doesnt have its own display.

windump.c - as posted in hybrid-graphics-linux@lists.launchpad.net
this is published as GPL, so everybody feel free to contribute or improve.

first of all install the latest nvidia driver from www.nvidia.com
and set up a dual head xorg.conf with one screen configured with the
proprietary nvidia driver (an exmaple xorg.conf is in this repository - 
replace pci bus id's and resolution by that of your system)
the nvidia device had to be the primary device for me, otherwise it
wouldnt work (update: meanwhile its possible to use secondary with 
latest nvidia drivers).

build windump by typing:


and invoked it by e.g.

./windump :0.0 :0.1

where :0.0 is the display of nvidia desktop and :0.1 is the display of the 
intel desktop

more exact usage:

windump [srcdpy [destdpy]] [-s srcdpy] [-t destdpy] [-d delay_us] [-w windowdec] [-a autohide] [-i srcwinID] [srcdpy [destdpy]]

srcdpy ...... source display to capture                            [default: :0.0]
destdpy ..... target display where to display the captured screen  [default: :0.1]
delay_us .... time delay between frame captures in mycroseconds    [default: 15000]
windowdec ... enable window decoration                             [default: 0]
autohide .... auto hide captured screen                            [default: 1]
srcwinID .... window ID (in hex) to be captured if not root window [default: root window]