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Add an option to allow new options to be created by hitting enter.

This provides a clean solution to enable using chosen for a tagging interface and includes our cut at documentation as well.

Jeremy Jackson & Lewis Hoffman Added the ability to have a more tag like interface on multi-selects,…
… and the ability to add new options to single selects as well as multi-selects using the new {allow_option_creation: true} option.
bf commented Oct 29, 2011

This is exactly what I've been looking for. Thank you very much, you saved me some time. This should definitely be merged.

Jeremy Jackson, Lewis Hoffman & Nick Seemiller add missing change event when creating new option; minor code dryup 2275c2e

Awesome! Works perfectly for me. Thanks @jeremy and @lewis


What about progressive enhancement? Shouldn't this require an additional input element with the same name or something like that?


@pivotaltracker Thanks for this and sorry for the terribly delayed response. The response is so slow that I'm having trouble getting the patch applied to master as-is and your repo appears to be gone. Going to close this PR in favor of #166

@pfiller pfiller closed this Apr 26, 2013
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