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This is HASH's public monorepo which contains our public code, docs, and other key resources.

a   What is HASH?

HASH is a platform for decision-making, which helps you integrate, understand and use data in a variety of different ways.

HASH does this by combining various different powerful tools together into one simple interface. These range from data pipelines and a graph database, through to an all-in-one workspace, no-code tool builder, and agent-based simulation engine. These exist at varying stages of maturity, and while some are polished, not all are ready for real-world production use. You can read more about our big-picture vision at

a   Getting started

  • 🚀   Quick-start (<5 mins): try the full hosted platform at, ready to go in seconds
  • 🤖   Self-hosting: check out our developer site at for a guide to running your own instance of HASH

a   Examples

Coming soon: we'll be collecting examples in the Awesome HASH repository.

a   Roadmap

Browse the HASH development roadmap for more information about currently in-flight and upcoming features.

a   About this repository

This repository's contents is divided across several primary sections:

  • /apps contains the primary code powering our runnable applications
  • /blocks contains our public Block Protocol blocks
  • /infra houses deployment scripts, utilities and other infrastructure useful in running our apps
  • /libs contains libraries including npm packages and Rust crates
  • /tests contains end-to-end and integration tests that span across one or more apps, blocks or libs

a   Contributing

Please see CONTRIBUTING if you're interested in getting involved in the design or development of HASH.

We're also hiring for a number of key roles. If you contribute to HASH's public monorepo be sure to mention this in your application.

a   License

The vast majority of this repository is published as free, open-source software. Please see LICENSE for more information about the specific licenses under which the different parts are available.

a   Security

Please see SECURITY for instructions around reporting issues, and details of which package versions we actively support.

a   Contact

Find us on 𝕏 at @hashintel, email, or join our Discord forum for quick help and community support.

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