Bump HTTP testsuite to ghc 7.6 #31

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I cannot build tests on ghc-7.6 due to:

This is just a request to permit ghc-7.6 as a build tool for the HTTP package.

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Can you actually build it if you do bump the dependency? The last time I tried the other dependencies didn't work.


I've fixed it and uploaded a new minor version of the library. This was preventing cabal-install from being buildable with GHC 7.6.

@bos bos closed this Oct 20, 2012
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I don't follow - why does the HTTP testsuite not building prevent another package from building?

If it does build with GHC 7.6 now I'm happy for the upper bound to be GHC 7.8 but not for it to be unbounded.

@hsenag hsenag reopened this Oct 20, 2012
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I tried to build the test suite with ghc 7.6 and I still can't - I think warp's dependencies are too constrained.

A couple of random thoughts as to what the issue is here:

  • were you installing cabal-install with --enable-tests, which then affected all its dependent libraries too?

  • I understand there's some bug with old cabal-install (0.10.x?) that means that options for the test suite bleed into the main package. Might that be the issue here?

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I haven't heard of any recent problems with this and I can use GHC 7.6 for the test suite now.

@hsenag hsenag closed this Mar 31, 2014
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