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add README to source tarball, support verbose cabal output

tickets 195 & 207
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mzero committed Oct 17, 2012
1 parent 6f6c962 commit c6561b1ca980f9f4d82382635dc229c8bf4bc6c6
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  1. +7 −3 NOTES-2012.4.0.0
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@@ -33,8 +33,9 @@ TODO
[] main .cabal file should not have versions commented out
[] this will require a separate list of packages that need
to be part of the source release
-[] fix to build.hs (ticket #195)
-[] build instructions in the tarball (ticket #207)
+[x] fix to build.hs (ticket #195)
+[x] bugs in (ticket #197)
+[x] build instructions in the tarball (ticket #207)
[] merge in shared library patch (ticket #198)
@@ -43,7 +44,7 @@ MAC TODO
[] If the cabal command is "update" then the wrapper script shouldn't do an
update the first time through!
[] sign Mac installers (ticket #203)
-[] where is the GLUT documents (ticket #202)
+[] where are the GLUT documents (ticket #202)
@@ -56,3 +57,6 @@ WEB TODO
[] make it clear that HP is in some distros package system
[] merge in pull request #7
[] pretty up and update release timetable page (ticket #131)
+[] close tickets: 195, 197, 207
@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ do
cabal install --dry-run --reinstall ${SRC_PKGS} \
- | tail +3 > "${IMAGE_DIR}/packages/platform.packages"
+ | tail +3 | cut -d ' ' -f 1 > "${IMAGE_DIR}/packages/platform.packages"
@@ -48,7 +48,8 @@ packageIDs core > "${IMAGE_DIR}/packages/core.packages"
cp tarball/scripts/*.sh "${IMAGE_DIR}/scripts/"
cp tarball/scripts/config.* "${IMAGE_DIR}/scripts/"
-cp tarball/ tarball/aclocal.m4 tarball/Makefile "${IMAGE_DIR}/"
+cp tarball/ tarball/aclocal.m4 tarball/Makefile tarball/README \
+ "${IMAGE_DIR}/"
chmod +x "${IMAGE_DIR}/scripts/"*.sh
chmod +x "${IMAGE_DIR}/scripts/config.guess" "${IMAGE_DIR}/scripts/config.sub"
@@ -0,0 +1,59 @@
+Haskell Platform
+This is the source tarball for Haskell Platform. It contains the source and
+build files for all the packages that make up the platform, beyond those that
+come with GHC.
+If your OS has a pre-built distribution of Haskell Platform, that is likely to
+be a much easier way than building the platform yourself. The Haskell Platform
+web site (see above URL) contains builds for Mac OS X and Windows that include
+everything you need, including GHC.
+The web site also contains links for those Linux distributions for which there
+is a pre-build version. In most cases, that version of the platform is availble
+through the normal package manager for the distribution, rather than directly
+from the Haskell Platform web site.
+You will need to have GHC 7.4.2 installed prior to building the platform.
+Please see:
+Note that the warning at top will tell you to consider installing the
+platform instead. If you've gotten this far, you can ignore that.
+You can use a different version of GHC, but it may not work.
+You will also need the developer packages for various standard system libraries,
+such as zlib and GLUT. Exactly which packages you need will differ based on
+the OS distribution you use. In general, if you get an error during the build
+process that a library is missing, look it up in your package manager. You will
+need both the library and the development package for the library.
+Build and Install
+In this directory, run:
+ ./configure
+This is standard autoconf, so options like --prefix will work. Run with --help
+to see all the options. In particular, if you are using a different versino of
+GHC, you'll need to add --enable-unsupported-ghc-version.
+Now build the packages:
+ make
+Finally, to install everything, use
+ make install
+Note that you will probably have to run this command 'sudo'.

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