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The Haskell Platform Infrastructure Team helps to coordinate the platform release process, mainly by creating a 6-monthly release schedule, and keeping everyone informed about the various stages of that schedule. We work for the developer community, helping everyone to work together and make progress. We try not to get in the way. The platform itself is maintained as a cabal file, some scripts and tools, and a website:

Please report any Haskell Platform bugs through our Github tracker.

Table of Contents

Current status

Documentation for Package Maintainers

This info is for people who maintain a package that is currently part of the platform or that you wish to add to the platform.

  • ReleaseTimetable: dates for upcoming releases
  • ReleaseProcess: prior to releases, what has to be done and when
  • AddingPackages : how to add a new package to the platform
  • UpgradingPackages : when we upgrade existing packages
  • PackageMaintainers : maintainer contacts for each package in the platform

Documentation for Distro Maintainers

If you make packages for a specific operating system or distribution then this is for you.

  • ReleaseTimetable: dates for upcoming releases
  • VersionNumbers: how the Haskell Platform release version numbers work
Specific releases Specific operating systems / distros

Documentation for the Release Team

  • global version matrix
  • VersionNumbers: how the release version numbers work
  • ReleaseProcess: prior to releases, what has to be done and when.
  • Guides for AddingPackages and QualityControl
  • Policy decisions of the libraries mailing list.

Related Projects

Background Reading

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