This is a class for 🔄 stepper motor 🔄 (easy driver)
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1. What's the this repository?

This repo is stepper motor driver easy driver's repo.

easy driver is this <- Jump to sparkfun.

2. Repuirements

Requirements parts is this.

  • Raspberry pi3 🍓
  • easydriver 🚗
  • stepper motor (Driving at 6V to 30V) ☝️
  • AC adaptor (Voltage that meets the requirements of stepper motor) ⚡️⚡️⚡️
  • jumper wire 🔄

3. How to connect?

Connect example this. connect

4. Pin details

This table is diverted to my blog.

This table using japanese.(Sorry 😅😅🙏🙏🙏🙏)

ピン名 用途
PWR IN (GND / M+) モータへ電源を供給する(Promote power supply)
STEP 立ち上がりエッジでモーターが動く,パルス幅1ms min. (pulse width)
DIR 回転方向を決定(Deside moving direction)
MS1, MS2 マイクロステップの設定。デフォルトは共にプルアップされており、1/8ステップ。(Configuration for micro steps default is pull-up each other and 1/8 steps.)
ENABLE HIGHにすると出力が止まる.今回はずっとLOW (If this pin HIGH able to stop stepper motor.)
RST 全シーケンスをHome Stateに設定,出力は停止,Reset端子がHighになるまでStep入力は無視 (All sequence set to Home State, Output is stop. To ignore will HIGH to Reset pins)
PFD 次の出力電流が前回より少なくなる場合,PFDピンへの入力で電流の抜け方が変化.VCCにプルアップされているので slow decay modeになっている。とりあえず非接続でよい (Don't attach)
SLP Sleep機能,非接続でよい (sleep pins)
MOTOR モーターに接続する。A/Bがそれぞれ一組 (Attach to stepper motor)
5V 5V出力(5V's output)
APWR (SJ1) ここをショートさせると外部からA3967へVCCを給電できる (If this pin shorted, able to promote VCC to A3967 from outside.
3V/5V (SJ2) VCC設定。ショートさせると3.3V, オープンだと5Vになる (VCC setting if this pin shorted to 3.3V, open is 5V. )
TP1 電流調整 (Adjustment to current.)
  • For bipolar stepping motors
  • Input voltage is 8 V to 30 V (5 V system), 6.4 V to 30 V (3.3 V system)
  • Output up to 30 V, 150 to 750 mA
  • 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 micro step operation supported
  • No special power supply sequence required
  • Through current prevention, heat prevention, low voltage protection (of chip)




this is to rotate stepper motor.

def Drive(self, rpm):
    one_rot = 200
    l = rpm * one_rot
    delay = 30/(2*float(l))
    steps = l/6 #rotato to 5 sec
    for x in range(1,steps):

Drive(YOURVALUE) YOURVALUE is int value(50~200). motor is rotate this YOURVALUE per minutes (rpm). Default rotate time is 5 seconds.

def inv_Direction(self):
    GPIO.output(23, not GPIO.input(23))

inv_Direction is inverse motor direction. To inverse direction is DIRpin state will inverse.(HIGH -> LOW or LOW -> HIGH)