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Note: This is a substantially refactored fork of MWERT. The overall framework is the same, but we extract a lot of shared code into the sharedUtils directory, which is imported as a base by all of the individual experiments.

Local demo

  1. Git is a popular version control and source code management system. If you're new to git, you'll need to install the latest version by following the link for Mac or Windows and downloading the first option in the list. On Mac, this will give you a set of command-line tools (restart the terminal if the git command is still not found after installation). On Windows it will give you a shell to type commands into. For Linux users, more information can be found here.

  2. On Mac or Linux, use the Terminal to navigate to the location where you want to create your project, and enter

    git clone

    at the command line to create a local copy of this repository. On Windows, run this command in the shell you installed in the previous step.

  3. Install node and npm (the node package manager) on your machine. Node.js sponsors an official download for all systems.

  4. Navigate into the repository you created, then ./experiments. You should see a file called package.json, which contains the dependencies. To install these dependencies, enter npm install at the command line. This may take a few minutes.

  5. Finally, to run the experiment of your choice, in the experiments directory type node app.js --expname <path/to/experiment> --gameport 8888 at the command line. The experiment name argument is required; the game port number is optional. You should expect to see the following message:

    info  - started
        :: Express :: Listening on port 8888

    This means that you've successfully created a 'server' that can be accessed by copying and pasting


    in one tab of your browser. To connect the other player in another tab for test purposes, open a new tab and use the same URL. Repeat as many times as you'd like!


Conventions in iterated reference games



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