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LICENSE fix unused var def Nov 11, 2016


vim-metarepeat provides an operator (like) mapping which runs dot repeat for every occurence matched by last pattern (@/) in range (specified by motion or textobject).

neovim-metarepeat is inspired by 'Occurrence modifier, preset-occurrence, persistence-selection' feature

But it's not a port of these feature. In similar to vim-mode-plus terms, vim-metarepeat provides 'preset-operation-for-occurence' feature (it's just a operator + 'gn') and provides a way to apply the operation for each occurences in textobject.


This is 1st paragraph abc.
2nd abc also include abc abc abc.
3rd abc include abc abc abc

This is 2nd paragraph abc.
2nd line also include text text text.
3rd abc include abc abc abc
4th abc
  1. gg0/te<CR> (move to first text)
  2. *j0wgo (insert text into @/ and move to line, then pre-set line as well)
  3. cgnabc<Esc> (first operation)
  4. ggVjjjjg. (apply operation to first 5 lines)
  5. jjg.Vj (skip 2nd line in 2nd paragrap and apply operation to the rest of lines)

(with haya14busa/vim-asterisk)