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vim-asterisk: * -Improved


asterisk.vim provides improved * motions.

1. stay star motions (z prefixed mappings)

z star motions doesn't move your cursor.

2. visual star motions

Search selected text.

3. Use smartcase unlike default one

Default behavior, which sees ignorecase and not smartcase, is not intuitive.

4. Keep cursor position across matches

It is handy for refactoring to keep cursor position while iterating over matches.

Add following line in your vimrc to enable this feature. let g:asterisk#keeppos = 1 Default: 0


Neobundle / Vundle / vim-plug

NeoBundle 'haya14busa/vim-asterisk'
Plugin 'haya14busa/vim-asterisk'
Plug 'haya14busa/vim-asterisk'


git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vim-asterisk


map *   <Plug>(asterisk-*)
map #   <Plug>(asterisk-#)
map g*  <Plug>(asterisk-g*)
map g#  <Plug>(asterisk-g#)
map z*  <Plug>(asterisk-z*)
map gz* <Plug>(asterisk-gz*)
map z#  <Plug>(asterisk-z#)
map gz# <Plug>(asterisk-gz#)

If you want to set "z" (stay) behavior as default

map *  <Plug>(asterisk-z*)
map #  <Plug>(asterisk-z#)
map g* <Plug>(asterisk-gz*)
map g# <Plug>(asterisk-gz#)

To enable keepCursor feature:

let g:asterisk#keeppos = 1

Special thanks

|asterisk.vim| uses the code from vim-visualstar for visual star feature.


haya14busa (