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The Zen of Python by Example
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The Zen of Python by Example

Author: Hunter Blanks
Date: June 15, 2013

I wrote and presented in 2011 for RedSnake Philly, the annual joint meeting between the Philadelphia Python and Ruby user groups. The text, which at least hopes to be executable Python, is informal. Most importantly, it is left for the reader to think, for each section, which example is the good one to follow, and when.

This text has errors and shortcomings. Corrections and additions are welcome. Please send them either by pull request to the Github repo at;

or by e-mail to me, Hunter Blanks, via


Credit goes to Tom Panzarella for encouraging me to give a talk before such a large, technical audience, and further for suggesting that it be on a meta-level topic. Thanks also go to Ka-Ping Yee and Brett Cannon, who first taught me Python and the Zen of it in 2003.

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