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Chrome restore focus

Restore focus from anywhere in browser (search address bar, devtool inspector/console etc.) back to the document

How to use it?

git clone
  • go to chrome://extensions/
  • turn on "developer mode"
  • click "load unpacked extension"
  • select extension
  • at the bottom chrome://extensions/ add keyboard shortcuts e.g Ctrl+E

How it works?

That's it. After mapping the keyboard shortcut, pressing Ctrl+E will restore the focus. It works by capturing the focus through a browser action. It does everything very quickly and is not visible (<50ms)

Known issue

  • You may have to tweak the 50ms value in the timeout in chrome-restore-focus/popup.js If the computer is slow, it would take longer than 50ms. Possibly there is a way to enhance this

  • There is a lot of jquery, underscore dependencies crap and most of the code is copied my other project. It could use a clean up.

Why build it?

Why is this better?

  • it works anywhere in the browser as opposed to the search engine hack
  • it is one keyboard shortcut