A monospace bitmap font.
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Gohufont is a monospace bitmap font, available in 11-px and 14-px heights.


For more information and screenshots, please take a look at the website font.gohu.org


Copyright 2015 by Hugo Chargois

This font is released under the terms of the WTFPL version 2 (see COPYING-LICENSE).

Thanks and acknowledgments

  • The Unicode versions of the 11-px font are based extensively on the fixed 6x10 font by Markus Kuhn (http://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/~mgk25/ucs-fonts.html).
  • I used the Terminus font in 14 px with great satisfaction for a long time before I decided to make gohufont 14 px, so it surely inspired me and they may share some similarities in appearance. It is not a derivative work though. Thanks to Dimitar Zhekov for his great font.