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3D printing and CAD
Laser Cut


A complete prototype including Software for Photon, 3D Model, Laser cutting Material for recreating.

.... is a clock like device for recording the data-- like light temperature and motion, happend around house in 12 hours.

Docs & Help

3D printing part

3D printing parts are for holding the minute step motor and hour step motor, which rotate the gears. The .gcode file is avalible here for 3D printing. You could also check the model outlook here.

laser cutting

Laser cutting are serveral part, including, the hour plate, minute plate, gears, acrylic bricks, center support material and the outter box, servo holder. All the parts are avaliable in this .ai file at different layers. The final printing might look like this.

To customize your own clock, you could paint the hour plate, minute plate and acrylic bricks in different color. We printed the hour plate with white, and acrylic bricks with blue, red, green and yellow, like the first picture.

Software installation

There are three different files in the software part. The .ino file are avaliable for two photon. One take care of clock operation(including two step motors and two SG92 servo), and another one for data collection(here we provide the light sensor and motion sensor code). Another .html file is for get temperature data from weather map API and send it to photon.