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Cait is a theme for static site generator, Pelican

Cait is a simple responsive (kind of) theme consisting of mostly black, gray, and white.


  • Disqus comment. DISQUS_SITENAME must be defined in configuration file.
  • Google Analytics. GOOGLE_ANALYTICS must be defined in configuration.
  • Responsive theme.
  • Landing and Contact Page.
  • Pagination.

Landing and Contact Page

** Only works on the latest version of Pelican. ( > 3.1.1 ) Cait includes templates for a landing page and a contact page. In order to use it, the template name needs to be included in itself. The page has to go to your static pages directory (which is defined in your pelican config file with the PAGE_DIR). It also need to include a metadata property for heading and subheading. An example of the landing page:

Title: Landing
Heading: Hello! My Name is John Doe
Subheading: Some subheading sentence to put int.
Template: landing

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Quidem, quia, modi suscipit deleniti veniam voluptatum corporis neque sit error earum recusandae velit alias unde laudantium explicabo veritatis laboriosam cum totam ipsum voluptatem dicta nemo necessitatibus! Repellat, laudantium, at deserunt velit similique natus quia quisquam ex tempore praesentium inventore quod eos.

For the contact page, change the 4th line to Template: contact.

In order to use the landing and contact template, several additional setting values must be specified in the configuration file.


The landing page and contact templates includes a link to the other part of the site. These are specified in the CUSTOM_MENUITEMS tuple. The links are included in the (Title, url) format. The url are specified relative to the SITEURL.

CUSTOM_MENUITEMS = (('Blog', `blog`),
             ('Contact', 'contact'),
             ('Projects', 'pages/projects'))

The blog templates aren't required to display the CUSTOM_MENUITEMS, in which case will display the links to the static pages of the site. To use CUSTOM_MENUITEMS, specify USE_CUSTOM_MENU = True in the configuration file. Please not that by using the CUSTOM_MENUITEMS, the links to the pages will not be displayed.


The landing page can includes links to several social networks. The links are shown in icons, using icons font provided with FontAwesome. These are specified with the SOCIAL tuple in the configuration file, also in the (title, url) format. The title should be in lowercase, and it needs to corresponds with the icon-* classes of FontAwesome. The title is only used to display the icon and will not be displayed, so, any icons from FontAwesome can be used as the display icon. Example:

SOCIAL = (('twitter', ''),
          ('facebook', ''),
          ('google-plus', ''),
          ('google-plus-sign', ''),
          ('github-alt', ''),)


The contact page shows a list of contact methods. One of them is the email address. To display email address, the CONTACT_EMAIL needs to be set in the configuration file. Additional contact information can be displayed in the same way as the social links, this time with the CONTACT_EMAIL tuple.

CONTACTS = (('facebook', ''),
            ('twitter', ''),)

#Screenshots Post index screenshot

Landing page screenshot

Post index narrow screenshot



Theme for Pelican static site generator. Badly designed.







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