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Crane 🐦

My blog post: WebAssembly Search Tools for Static Sites

Crane is a technical demo is inspired by Stork and uses a near-identical configuration file setup. So it had to be named after a bird too.

I wrote it to help me understand how WebAssembly search tools work. Please use Stork instead.

Crane is two programs. The first program scans a group of documents and builds an efficient index. 1MB of text and metadata is turned into a 25KB index (14KB gzipped). The second program is a Wasm module that is sent to the browser along with a little bit of JavaScript glue code and the index. The result is an instant search engine that helps users find web pages as they type.

Visit the demo

Crane instant search in action

The full text search engine is powered in part with code from Artem Krylysov's blog post Let's build a Full-Text Search engine.

No effort has been made to shrink the Wasm binary. See Reducing the size of Wasm files.

Use it

Describe your document files and their metadata.

files = [
        path = "docs/essays/essay01.txt",
        url = "essays/essay01.txt",
        title = "Introduction"
    # etc.

filename = "dist/federalist.crane"

Pass the configuration file to the build script. You'll want a fresh index whenever your documents change but you only need to build the Wasm module once ever.

./ federalist.toml

Host the files from /dist on your website (e.g. wasm_exec.js, crane.js, crane.wasm, federalist.crane). And away you go!

const crane = new Crane("crane.wasm", "federalist.crane");
await crane.load();

const results = crane.query('some keywords');

See the demo inside /docs for a basic UI.

Build demo page



🐦 A full-text WebAssembly search engine for static websites. Build, index, and fly.








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