A new programming model for asynchronous and distributed programming.
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Function Passing: Typed, Distributed Functional Programming

Build Status

The F-P library uses sbt for building and testing. Distributed tests and examples are supported using the sbt-multi-jvm sbt plug-in.

Homepage: http://lampwww.epfl.ch/~hmiller/f-p

How to Run Examples and Tests

Examples and tests can be launched from the sbt prompt:

> project samples
> [info] Set current project to f-p samples (in build file:/.../f-p/)
> run
> [warn] Multiple main classes detected.  Run 'show discoveredMainClasses' to see the list
> Multiple main classes detected, select one to run:
>  [1] samples.getstarted.Client
>  [2] samples.getstarted.Server
> Enter number:
> project core
> multi-jvm:run netty.Basic
> multi-jvm:run netty.WordCount

Note that samples.getstarted.Client and samples.getstarted.Server must be run in different sbt sessions, e.g., in two different terminals.