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I have tested build with gcc-3.4.6, gcc-4.1.2, gcc-4.2.4 and gcc-4.3.5.
Before build copy or symlink the p subdirectry of gpc into gcc-x.y.z/gcc
subdirectory of gcc tree (that is you should have directory called
gcc-x.y.z/gcc/p).  To build with gcc-3.4.6 (or earlier) apply backend
patch and proceed as with previous gpc versions.
To build with gcc-4.y copy the libgpc subdirectory into toplevel gcc
directory (that is into gcc-4.y.z) and apply the patch backend patch
from _toplevel_ directory (that is inside gcc-4.x.y directory) using

patch -p1 < gcc/p/gcc-4.y.z.diff

Then configure and build.  Using gcc-4.3.5 you need to give 'configure' 
the '--disable-mapped-location' argument.

Known problems:

1) with gcc-4.y.z testsuite will fail if run immediately after build.
Either install before running testsuite or copy 'libgpc.a' from libgpc
build directory to gcc subdirectory and copy from libgpc
build directory to gcc/p/rts subdirectory (you need to create rts
2) I did not try to build shared libgpc -- it is probably broken.
You would need to fix Makefiles to build it.
3) -Wparenthesis does not work with gcc-4.3.z
4) Utilities (binobj and gpidump) are not build with gcc-4.y.z