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This is the source code of the site that powers my personal site at

Notice I am pretty new to Go and this might not follow Go recommended practices but I am using it as my sandbox and it is running in production.

How to run the site

# Get the code
git clone

# Create the MySQL database
mysql -u root < misc/createdb.sql

# Compile the code
go get
go build  

# and run it with the default sample configuration
source .env_sample

# browse to localhost:9001

Once the site is running

Browse to http://localhost:9001/auth/login to login. Use user user1 password welcome1

Then go to http://localhost:9001/blog and click new to add a new blog.

Structure of the source code

  • main.go launches the web server
  • web/ routes requests to the proper models.
  • models/ connect to the database.
  • views/ contains the views.

The database

The code will connect to a MySQL database with the parameters indicated in the following environment variables. If you don't set these environment variables the code will assume the value indicated in parenthesis.

  • DB_USER (root)
  • DB_NAME (blogdb)

You can see where these values are used in models/db.go

When the server is run it will automatically add a user record to the users table in the MySQL database with the values indicated in the following environment variables. The value in parenthesis is the default value if you don't set these variables.

  • BLOG_USR (user1)
  • BLOG_PASS (welcome1)
  • BLOG_SALT ()

You can see where these values are used in models/user.go

Questions, comments, thoughts?

This is a very rough work in progress as I learn and play with Go.

Feel free to contact me with questions or comments about this project.