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This is the official release of Qt Free Edition version 1.44.

You may use Qt Free Edition for software development free of charge
only if you develop Free (non-proprietary) Software. The LICENSE file
explains what you may or may not do with Qt Free Edition.

Qt Free Edition may only be used on the X Window System.

If you are using Qt for developing commercial, proprietary, or other
non-free software, you must have have a license for Qt Professional
Edition. Please see for how to obtain
this. Qt Professional Edition is also supported on Microsoft Windows.

This Qt version has binary compatibility with all previous 1.x stable
releases.  This means that software compiled with one of those older
libraries will run with the new dynamic library. 

The INSTALL file explains how to install Qt.

If you want to enable built-in GIF image reading support in Qt, consult
the header file qt_gif.h in qt/include.

Qt Free Edition is currently supported on Linux, Solaris, SunOS,
FreeBSD, OSF/1, Irix, BSD/OS, NetBSD, SCO, HP-UX and AIX. If you want
to port Qt to a new platform, please read the PORTING file.

The Qt Reference Documentation is available in HTML format in the
qt/html directory. Start your favorite Web browser with the
html/index.html file. The class reference doc. is also included in
Unix man format in the qt/man directory.

If you are new to Qt it is a good idea to read the tutorial. It is located
in html/tutorial.html. The tutorial directory contains the programs used
in the tutorial.

All the above documentation is also available in postscript format
from our web server, see or

The example programs in the examples directory demonstrate some Qt
features. You can study these examples to get an overview of how Qt
programs can be written, or look at html/examples.html with your

See the FAQ for frequently asked questions about Qt; html/faq.html.

If you find any bugs, send a report to

If you want to join the Qt user forum mailing list, send a message to containing a single word "subscribe".  If
you want to be added to our announcements mailing list (no spam), send
a message to containing a single word

If you are interested in the Qt Professional Edition, please write
to  Other mail can be sent to