Middleware for secure IoT provisioning, access and control.
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Helix Sandbox


Helix Sandbox is an open platform that is fully compatible with FIWARE's Generic Enablers (GE). Its purpose is to simplify the process of installation, configuration and use of the GEs through an easy-to-use graphical interface that enables orchestration of the elements that constitute it. The platform is built on a microservice basis and uses Docker to perform the GE instantiation. Helix Sandbox can be installed on any Cloud or Virtualization Platform that enables the use of Linux virtual machines. In its internal architecture are present the Orion Context Broker, IoT Agent LWM2M CoAP DTLS, Cygnus, Helix dashboard and a MongoDB database to provide the temporal data storage. It can be used to aid and accelerate the process of constructing PoCs (Proof of Concept) and experimental applications based on FIWARE Technology using a few computational resources.

Inside the Helix Sandbox


If this is the first time you use Helix Sandbox, we recommend that you proceed in the order above.

Additional Resources

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Postman Collection - Orion Context Broker


Sketch Arduino Uno R3 + ESP8266 + LM35 Send data to Helix Sandbox C code


Sketch Arduino Uno R3 + ESP8266 + LM35 electrical schema


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