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Adding github workflow for contributing to helm
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## How to Contribute a Patch

1. Fork the repo, develop and test your code changes.
1. Use sign-off when making each of your commits (see [above](#sign-your-work)).
1. **Fork** the repo [helm](

Go to then hit the `Fork` button to fork your own copy of repository **helm** to your github account.

2. **Clone** the forked repo to your local working directory.
$ git clone$your_github_account/helm.git
3. Add an `upstream` remote to keep your fork in sync with the main repo.
$ cd helm
$ git remote add upstream
$ git remote -v
origin$your_github_account/helm.git (fetch)
origin$your_github_account/helm.git (push)
upstream (fetch)
upstream (push)
4. Sync your local `master` branch.
$ git pull upstream master
5. Create a branch to add a new feature or fix issues.
$ git checkout -b new-feature
6. Make any change on the branch `new-feature` then build and test your codes.
7. Include in what will be committed.
$ git add <file>
8. Use sign-off when making each of your commits (see [above](#sign-your-work)).
If you forgot to sign some commits that are part of the contribution, you can ask [git to rewrite your commit history](
1. Submit a pull request.
$ git commit --signoff
9. Submit a pull request.

Coding conventions and standards are explained in the official developer docs:
[Developers Guide](docs/

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