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pilotboat: simple docker helper for local development
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Docker based local development environment


Include bin/ in $PATH or run directly bin/pilotboat directly.

  • Create account, copy containers/docker.env.skel to containers/docker.env, edit containers/docker.env

The pilotboat command will build the images and start the containers on first run

Quick start Drupal 8 site

pilotboat start php-dev-debian-jessie
pilotboat site-create domain.tld drupal8

Replace domain.tld with a domain pointing to localhost.

Supported site types:

pilotboat site-create domain.tld [SITE_TYPE]
  • [None]: if you call site-create with just a domain, you will just get a virtual host, and a directory structure in sites
  • Drupal8: Latest version of Drupal 8 is installed (Admin user/passwprd: admin/admin)
  • Drupal7: Latest version of Drupal 7 is installed (Admin user/passwprd: admin/admin)
  • Wordpress: Latest version of Wordpress is installed (Admin user/passwprd: admin/admin)
  • Prestashop: Latest version of Prestashop is installed (Admin user/password: admin@DOMAIN.TLD/admin)
  • Symfony: Latest stable version of the Symfony 3 framework


Accessible from http

Accessible from shell (enter using pilotboat shell)

  • composer
  • drush
  • Drupal console (drupal command), configuration is in sites/.console or in /var/www/.console inside the container
  • wp-cli
  • symfony installer (symfony command)