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Build and Deploy to Google Compute Engine

VimHelpBot is a cute little bot which lurks on r/vim and r/neovim as u/vim-help-bot. It looks for comments containing ":h help-topic" and replies with a link to Vim Help.

How it works

It monitors all comments on r/vim r/neovim and uses two regex to extract the help topic. By default it looks for :(h|he|hel|help) topic within backticks and extracts topic. If it fails, it looks for :h and extracts until the first space after that.

It uses a tag database to figure out which helpfile topic belongs to and creates a link to vimhelp for that topic.

If an exact match is not found, it tries to follow Vim's algorithm. From :h E149:

  	If there is no full match for the pattern, or there
  	are several matches, the "best" match will be used.
  	A sophisticated algorithm is used to decide which
  	match is better than another one.  These items are
  	considered in the computation:
  	- A match with same case is much better than a match
  	  with different case.
  	- A match that starts after a non-alphanumeric
  	  character is better than a match in the middle of a
  	- A match at or near the beginning of the tag is
  	  better than a match further on.
  	- The more alphanumeric characters match, the better.
  	- The shorter the length of the match, the better.

If no tag is found for a topic, it automatically creates a github issue.


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