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This Docker image is deprecated. Please use the Heroku-16 image.
Learn more about local development with Docker Compose and deploying your image to Heroku.

Heroku Node.js Docker Image

This image is for use with the Heroku Docker CLI plugin.


Your project must contain the following files:

Then, create an app.json file in the root directory of your application with at least these contents:

  "name": "Your App's Name",
  "description": "An example app.json for heroku-docker",
  "image": "heroku/nodejs"

Install the heroku-docker toolbelt plugin:

$ heroku plugins:install heroku-docker

Initialize your app:

$ heroku docker:init
Wrote Dockerfile
Wrote docker-compose.yml

And run it with Docker Compose:

$ docker-compose up web

The first time you run this command, npm will download all dependencies into the container, build your application, and then run it. Subsequent runs will use cached dependencies (unless your package.json file has changed).

You'll be able to access your application at http://<docker-ip>:8080, where <docker-ip> is either the value of running boot2docker ip if you are on Mac or Windows, or your localhost if you are running Docker natively.

For boot2docker users:

$ open "http://$(boot2docker ip):8080"


To test changes locally, you can edit this image and rebuild it, replacing the heroku/node image on your machine:

docker build -t heroku/node .

To return to the official image:

docker pull heroku/node