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Heroku Kafka Plugin

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A plugin to manage Heroku Kafka.

heroku kafka:consumer-groups [CLUSTER]                         # lists available Kafka consumer groups
heroku kafka:consumer-groups:create CONSUMER_GROUP [CLUSTER]   # creates a consumer group in Kafka
heroku kafka:consumer-groups:destroy CONSUMER_GROUP [CLUSTER]  # destroys a consumer group in Kafka
heroku kafka:fail [CLUSTER]                                    # triggers failure on one node in the cluster
heroku kafka:info [CLUSTER]                                    # display cluster information
heroku kafka:topics [CLUSTER]                                  # lists available Kafka topics
heroku kafka:topics:compaction TOPIC VALUE [CLUSTER]           # configures topic compaction in Kafka
heroku kafka:topics:create TOPIC [CLUSTER]                     # creates a topic in Kafka
heroku kafka:topics:destroy TOPIC [CLUSTER]                    # deletes a topic in Kafka
heroku kafka:topics:info TOPIC [CLUSTER]                       # shows information about a topic in Kafka
heroku kafka:topics:replication-factor TOPIC VALUE [CLUSTER]   # configures topic replication factor in Kafka
heroku kafka:topics:retention-time TOPIC VALUE [CLUSTER]       # configures topic retention time (e.g. 10d, 36h)
heroku kafka:topics:tail TOPIC [CLUSTER]                       # tails a topic in Kafka
heroku kafka:topics:write TOPIC MESSAGE [CLUSTER]              # writes a message to a Kafka topic
heroku kafka:upgrade [CLUSTER]                                 # upgrades kafka broker version
heroku kafka:wait [CLUSTER]                                    # waits until Kafka is ready to use


$ heroku plugins:install heroku-kafka


For normal development, the initial setup is:

# ensure node 8.x is installed
$ yarn
$ heroku plugins:link


To publish new versions, see the data plugin documentation.