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twitter2weibo: Post tweets of interested Twitter IDs to Sina Weibo.


Weibo ID @图中看史 which reposts great pictures from several Twitter IDs.

How to use

First, create Twitter and Weibo apps. Put private settings into a file along with, which looks like:

t_consumer_key = 'xxx'
t_consumer_secret = 'xxx'
t_access_token = 'xxx'
t_access_token_secret = 'xxx'

w_api_key = 'xxx'
w_api_secret = 'xxx'
w_redirect_uri = 'xxx'
w_token = 'xxx'

# Reposted Twitter IDs
twitter_ids = ['xxx', 'xxx']

On a server, install missing packages:

pip install weibo, tweepy

Then conduct a schedule to run on the server.


  • Weibo has limitation of post rate, so keep your tweets timeline in a normal range.
  • Only original tweets with media are collected. Only the first picture is posted due to Weibo API limitation.