A command-line interface for Hetzner Cloud
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hcloud: Command-line interface for Hetzner Cloud

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hcloud is a command-line interface for interacting with Hetzner Cloud.



You can download pre-built binaries for Linux, FreeBSD, macOS, and Windows on the releases page.

On macOS, you can install hcloud via Homebrew:

brew install hcloud

Third-party packages

There are inofficial packages maintained by third-party users. Please note that these packages aren’t supported nor maintained by Hetzner Cloud and may not always be up-to-date. Downloading the binary or building from source is still the recommended install method.

Operating System Command
Arch Linux pacman -Syu hcloud
Void Linux xbps-install -Syu hcloud

Build manually

If you have Go installed, you can build and install the hcloud program with:

go get -u github.com/hetznercloud/cli/cmd/hcloud

Getting Started

  1. Visit the Hetzner Cloud Console at console.hetzner.cloud, select your project, and create a new API token.

  2. Configure the hcloud program to use your token:

    hcloud context create my-project
  3. You’re ready to use the program. For example, to get a list of available server types, run:

    hcloud server-type list

See hcloud help for a list of commands.

Shell Completion

To enable shell completion, run one of the following commands (or better, add it to your .bashrc or .zshrc):

$ source <(hcloud completion bash)   # bash
$ source <(hcloud completion zsh)    # zsh

Using it in scripts

When using hcloud in scripts, it may be cumbersome to work with contexts. Instead of creating a context, you can set the token via the HCLOUD_TOKEN environment variable:

$ hcloud image list
hcloud: no active context or token (see `hcloud context --help`)
$ export HCLOUD_TOKEN=token
$ hcloud image list
1    system   ubuntu-16.04   Ubuntu 16.04   -            5 GB        1 month ago
2    system   debian-9       Debian 9.3     -            5 GB        1 month ago
3    system   centos-7       Centos 7.4     -            5 GB        1 month ago
4    system   fedora-27      Fedora 27      -            5 GB        1 month ago


List all servers

$ hcloud server list            
ID       NAME                    STATUS    IPV4
210216   test1                   running
210729   ubuntu-8gb-nbg1-dc3-1   running

Create a server

$ hcloud server create --name test --image debian-9 --type cx11 --ssh-key demo
   7s [====================================================================] 100%
Server 325211 created


MIT license