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sitemap and robots for Expressjs
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Sitemap and Robots for expressjs 3 and 4


Install through NPM

npm install express-sitemap


git clone git://


inside expressjs project

var sitemap = require('express-sitemap')();

var app = require('express')();



if you want generate your own url

var sitemap = require('express-sitemap');

    map: {
        '/foo': ['get'],
        '/foo2': ['get','post'],
        '/admin': ['get'],
        '/backdoor': [],
    route: {
        '/foo': {
            lastmod: '2014-06-20',
            changefreq: 'always',
            priority: 1.0,
        '/admin': {
            disallow: true,
        '/backdoor': {
            hide: true,

and this will be sitemap.xml

<urlset xmlns="">

and this will be robots.txt

User-agent: *
Disallow: /admin

reset prototype Object for sitemap


generate sitemap (wrapper)


generate sitemap from express 4.x configuration. Add an array with Router path if you want use nested callback

sitemap.generate4(app [, Router]);

generate sitemap from express 3.x configuration


generate prototype Object for sitemap if you use middleware or dynamic building


write sitemap Object to file (set pathname inside module configuration or like argument)


write robots.txt to file (set pathname inside module configuration or like argument)


write both to files


stream sitemap to web


stream robots.txt to web




  • http - String Website HTTP protocol (http | https) (default "http")
  • cache - Integer Enable cache integration, refresh map after this millisecond value (default "false")
  • url - String Website URL (default "")
  • port - Number Website Port (default "80")
  • head - String Head of XML file (default "")
  • sitemap - String Name of sitemap file (default "sitemap.xml")
  • robots - String Name of robots file (default "robots.txt")
  • sitemapSubmission - String Set Sitemap absolute location into robots (default "disable")
  • route - Object Add extra information to sitemap related to this documentation (default "disabled")
  • lastmod - Date Integrity not controlled
  • changefreq - String Integrity not controlled
  • priority - Float Integrity not controlled
  • alternatepages - Array Add alternate language pages related to this documentation
    • rel - String Integrity not controlled
    • hreflang - String Integrity not controlled
    • href - String Integrity not controlled
  • allow - Boolean Flag for "allow" this route from parsing, and save into robots.txt (default "null")
  • disallow - Boolean Flag for "disallow" this route from parsing, and save into robots.txt (default "null")
  • hide - Boolean Flag for hide this route from globally parsing (no .xml or .txt) (default "false")
  • map - Object Force route () detection and building (default "disabled")
  • hideByRegex - Array Array of RegEx that remove routes from output (default "disabled")
  • generate - Object Fastly generate sitemap from express app (default "disabled")

you can use route: {'ALL': {} } if you want propagate extra information to all your urls


Take a look at my examples

License GPLv3

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